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Do you have left over holiday stock or one-off products you need to get rid of?

We are hosting a BARGAIN BINS Virtual Market for you to move that stock! Organized by price categories, we will be showcasing items for a collection of small businesses looking to move old stock at a BARGAIN deal!

Bargain Bins Virtual Market

February 23rd - March 8th

Your small business will have the opportunity to showcase up to 5 product photos on the Little Hearts website for 2 weeks, with direct links to your shop! The virtual market will be organized like " BARGAIN BINS" categorized within different price points. This virtual market will also be advertised and shared on our social media platforms, and shared with our established email subscriber list.

Thank you for your interest in applying for our virtual market. Please complete the application below. Acceptances are not based on first come, first serve. We will be accepting duplicate product categories, within reason, will be showcased to offer our shoppers a unique range of products and services. 

What package are you interested in?
Would you like to be 1 of 3 shops considered to be spotlighted with 1 extra product photo showcased at the top of the virtual market?
I understand my vendor fee to participate is non-refundable.
I understand this is a virtual market, that will be showcased on social media + Little Hearts website + emailed to our subscribers
I understand the virtual market will run from February 23rd to March 8th on Little Hearts website, with staggered social media features/posts and emailed to our subscribers.
I understand my product photos will be showcased under the section that reflect it's price point, with a direct link to my shop or link of my choosing. (i.e. $5 - $25 Bargain Bin, etc.)
I understand it is my responsbility to adhere to the deadlines and instructions as outlined via email. Failure to do so could result in removal of your business from the virtual market
I understand it is a collective effort to promote and advertise this virtual market, and it is the responsibility of all participants to do their part.

Thank you for your application. Acceptances will be emailed within 72 hours.

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