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our introduction

We are not writers, we are market hosts.

When we sat down to put our first blog together, we just stared at the computer and had no idea where to start.

Who are we to write a blog?

What are we even writing about?

Well here we are.

Let's start by introducing ourselves...

Our names are Miranda and Ashley,

and we are your Little Hearts Markets Hosts.

We founded this new business in January 2023, however we both have years of experience with hosting markets and owning our own small businesses.

You may have seen us around the community, and if you have you know we have a great passion for supporting local.

If you were to "pop" by one of our homes on any given day you would be able to spot local shops in all areas of our home.

To home decor, clothing and more.

We are moms.

We work from home inbetween school drop offs, pick ups, activities, housekeeping, baby bouncing, and you name it the list goes on.

We more than likely have a lot in common with most of you.

We have one goal,

and that is to put our whole heart into what we do.

We see you...

The small business.

Working hard to build your dream,

maybe this is a side hustle, maybe this is your everything, maybe this is your first year, or maybe you are a seasoned small business owner.

You want to make connections, you want to try new things and get the word out there that YOU are here!

We see you...

The small shop supporter.

We know you want to make a difference, we know you want to get out there and meet your community and feel good about supporting the local small shops in your town.

But where do you start? Where do you go?

THIS is why we are here.

THIS is what we want to bring to the table.

Here you will find all of our upcoming market applications, event dates, community giveback dates, and more!

We want you to get to know us and to feel comfortable asking us all the questions. If you feel stuck,

we are here to support you.

We are Little Hearts Markets and we hope that you stick around for the ride .

Sending you so much Love,

Miranda & Ashley


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